Diet and Body Typing

Have you ever wondered why the diet you are on isn’t working? Its because everybody’s body is different. There are 25 different body types, which means the latest fad diet will only work for approximately 4% of people who try them. For the remainder of the people, that dietary approach will have no effect, and may even cause more harm than good. There is a way, however, to identify exactly what diet you should be on, known as Body Typing.

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Body Typing will tell you which one of the 25 different diets you should be on, and even more importantly what foods are good for your body type, and which are bad for it. When you are on the wrong diet, you tend to lose weight in the areas you don’t need and maintain the problem areas. Eating right for your body will target the areas you desire to lose weight.

Eating right for your body will tell you which foods will give you energy, and which will rob your energy. Losing weight is just an added benefit to your body’s functioning at maximum capacity.