Chiropractic Services

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Although chiropractic was invented in 1895 by Dr. D.D. Palmer in America, the use of spinal mobilization in the Far and Near East is estimated to be over 7000 years old. One evening Dr. Palmer was working at his desk, and a janitor named Harvey Lillard pass by the office. He and Dr. Palmer began speaking of Mr. Lillard’s hearing problem. Many years ago, Mr. Lillard injured his neck, and had not been able to hear properly since. Dr. Palmer proceeded to feel a large mass on the side of Mr. Lillard's neck and concluded that one of the bones in his neck had become misaligned (subluxated). He then laid Mr. Lillard down and put the bone back into place. Mr. Lillard jumped up and shouted a now-famous quote, “I can hear the street cars!” Dr. Palmer premised that one of the nerves that contribute to hearing had been pinched off by a bone in his neck. Modern chiropractic was born.

The brain controls every function in the body. If the brain's messages can’t reach the body, disease begins. Just as you step on a hose, the water doesn’t flow and the garden slowly dies; so does the body. Chiropractic makes sure nothing is stepping on your hoses.


Your first visit begins with some basic paperwork and personal information. Please see the ABOUT US page for information about downloading and printing New Patient forms to bring with you to your first appointment. In addition, the doctor may ask you to complete some additional forms which will help in determining the cause and extent of your condition. You will then have a consultation and a thorough history will be taken. Whenever possible, the doctor prefers to treat you at this time.

first visit will take between thirty and sixty minutes and will entail some or all of the following techniques:

  • ~Chiropractic
  • ~Kinesiology
  • ~Nutrition
  • ~Acupuncture/Meridian Therapy

Subsequent visits will be used to fine tune your treatment requirements. As the doctor becomes more familiar with the extent of your condition, your treatments will become more refined and specific. Typical follow-up visits are thirty minutes.


Children respond quickly and easily to chiropractic treatments. Even at a young age, many children have been subjected to bumps, falls and the rough-and-tumble lifestyle that most children live. Dr. Leff understands the special needs of his younger patients.